Mac os customize guest account

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Creating custom Guest Account in Yosemite | MacRumors Forums

Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. Roooh you are so complicated! Thanks, did you try it out? This basically worked!

Any idea how to make it just create a new keychain every time without asking? My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far.

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Manage Hotspot Guest User Accounts

Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Yosemite stores guest files in a temporary folder and then deletes the files when the person logs out. It makes it easy for them to check their webmail or finish a quick paper—and leave no traces behind. Click Guest User in the accounts list.

Tip: Want to let someone working on a different Mac access a shared folder on your Mac without a password? Select the guest account in the accounts list and enable the Allow Guests to Connect to Shared Folders box. A managed account can make using the computer easier for kids and tech novices.

The 3 Main Benefits of Using the Guest Account

It can also keep them out of trouble by limiting what changes they can make to the system or which parts of the Web they can visit:. If that password is too complicated or you want to keep it private, select Use Separate Password. Select the name of the managed account on the other Mac.

Create a guest account

Select the account in the account list. If you find the Simple Finder to be too simple, you can take a slightly less restrictive approach. Create a managed account and use parental controls to set limits. Then, log in to the account and organize the Dock so that only the apps and folders the user will use the most appear.

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This will put everything the user needs in easy reach, while preventing him or her from accidentally messing things up. In particular, take a look at the very useful Time Limits section.

8 Mac Settings You Should Change Right Now

When your Mac misbehaves, it can be hard to tell if the problem is specific to your user account or whether it affects the computer as a whole. Alternatively, select Use Separate Password to choose a different login password.